Behind the Eyes
Enhancing Eye Make-up Techniques
By Robert Closs

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul. I guess some of our windows need a deep clean. No problem. We take a personal inventory of our lives, go inside ourselves and work on the internal essence of our being…but don’t forget about your curbside appeal!

eye makeup tipsAs superficial as some may view makeup, I’ve never met a woman who didn’t respond positively when her exterior was finessed. When our spirits sore, the inner beauty that expresses itself visually through us is untouchable. But sometimes we need a little help from outside to make that connection inwardly. One feeds the other. So go inside, but when you come out, don’t forget about your exterior window treatments.

Coloring your exterior:

That is the hundred-dollar question. What eye shadow color, how many colors, and where do I put them? Believe it or not less is sometimes more in this situation. More is more when it comes to winning the lottery, but too much makeup can detract from the features and instead of enhancing for romancing, the face looks like it was high jacked by a group of gay terrorists.

If you have mastered your own eyes with a simple, but effective eye design, then you are licensed to build on that premise and add more colors hence increasing dimension. But know the basics before you compete with “that girl” that’s sits at the next cubical.

One version of a basic, but beautiful eye needs two colors, one light and one dark for contrast. The darkest color usually takes the focus and attention of the eye treatment, therefore placement is everything. Most of us are privy to the fact that if you have slightly wide set eyes (Oprah) then you should focus the darkest color towards the middle and inner corner of your eyes. If you are close set (Babs) then go in the other direction, softly putting emphasis on the outer corners. If I’m boring you I do apologies. So here are some universal, no brainer recipes that look good on most of us. Wide set girls please pass first diagram and go to 2A …Thank you.

Eye Make-up Technique 1A - Close set gals, and most of their pals - general population:
(The simplicity with this treatment works correctively with close-set bombshells or balanced bells. With a fresh lid and shading on the outer corner, the darker shading will add incredible dimension to the lids with a bit of lift and extension at the same time.)

Apply an off white, cream, or a pale milky pink to ¾ of your upper eyelid starting at the inner corner. Take the second darker color, and with a small brush shade the outer lid with your chin slightly lifted in the mirror (let them make their own breakfast). Shade from the outer corner inwardly. And for God sakes, line the top eyelid with some eyeliner liner to finish it!

eye makeup techniquesEYELINER SEGWAY:
Do line just the top lash line.
Do line both top and bottom lash line.

Don’t line just the bottom lash line - it drags the eye down, looks bottom heavy, and has the look of the top ten worst music videos of 1982.

Eye Make-up Technique 2A - Wide set wonders or slightly turned down / droopy eyes:
(This little classic design keeps the viewer focused at the center of your peepers, where the most flattering focal point of your eyes reside)

Apply a light to medium light, fresh color on you entire top lid. With a slightly fluffy, medium size crease brush, initiate the second, darker color in the middle of the eye socket. Rock the brush back and forth, creating a half moon in the crease area, slightly approaching the inner corner. Although the darkest color is traveling towards the inner corner, it must be delicate and tapered as it arrives. The finished eye contour must look centered detracting from the “ outward problem”.

Shopping for Colors

With regards to what colors to choose, the highlight colors mentioned early are neutral enough due to the fact that they are highlighters. My only caution is if you have pink lids because of veining or skin sensitivity, stay away from pink highlight shadows.

When choosing a dark contrasting color, there are many approaches. Here is one.
Choose an accent color that is opposite of your own eye colour. The two colors side by side (your natural eye color and the eye shadow) intensify each other instead of competing. The opposite color doesn’t necessarily mean you work with it in its purest form. If you have blue eyes, I’m not suggesting you plaster your eyelids with pumpkin orange. You could choose a dynamic gray that has a breath of orange in it. Recognize the difference between classic shades (straight colors) and contemporary shades that contains nuances of a second supporting color whispering through.

Blue eyes: Try a “ browny orange “ the amount of orange may be extremely subtle but effective in popping those babies.

Hazel green eyes: Perhaps a pimento brown – this contains a subtle red undertone that is cooled & tamed by the dominating brown.

Hazel green eyes with yellow flex will dance when accompanied by grays & taupes that have a soft violet support.

Brown eyes: What shade of brown are you winking with? Do you see yellow brown? A speckle of green?

Once you determine the other supporting colour that makes up the brown in your iris, grab the colour wheel and go shopping. At the very least take this concept to the boutique or makeup studio with your next visit. Remember, there is always a little magic when opposition works harmoniously.

These eye makeup techniques were originally published in B Magazine, November 2007

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Balancing Beauty
By Robert Closs

A young girl cashed me out the other day wearing so much eyeliner I thought she was a quarterback. I was going to tackle her, get her in a half nelson, and buff her eyes down, but then she gave me my croissant and I became distracted. I have nothing against aggressive eye lining (Diana Ross’s signature look) it was the rest of her naked territory staring me in the face… an uneven skin tone, dry lips and a couple of lonely cheekbones available for coloring.

balancing beautyI see too much of this - an unfinished face. She looked like some poor soul was in the middle of a makeover and security walked in and broke it up, I’m not suggesting for a minute one has to be over zealous in front of the mirror at five thirty in the morning. But life is a balancing act and so is beauty! If you had three children, you wouldn’t dress just one of them and send the other two on an outing. (That was my childhood). Your babies are your eyes, cheeks and lips. Dress all three and there will be no divorcees.

Big Tip #1

Don’t get lippy when your eyes are doing the talking!

If your eyes are the focus of the makeup look, keep the other two color areas softer. Dark eyes and dark lips are extremely stylized, and few can pull it off. Let one of the three color areas of your face take center stage while the others do backup. Don’t underestimate back ups. Backup dancers made Madonna’s girly tour famous!

Giant Tip #2
Fast Formula for Fabulousness!
Base, Brows, Lashes & Lips

This is a partial but complete look from top to bottom. Partial doesn’t mean compartmentalized.

Your base: Whatever format of foundation you choose, it should be a color and texture to match to your skin. Color matching will allow you to place your foundation ONLY in problem areas – not ear to ear. This will make your skin sing with minimal product. Texture matching will keep your own personal moisture level uniform. If you have an oilier skin type, and chose an opposite texture format to your base (i.e. dry powder foundation) this will look contrived and patchy since it is so polar from your own skin’s moisture level.

Solution: Choose an oil free liquid foundation that will co-exist with your skins natural glow.

Have your brows groomed by a professional: I personally am a huge fan of traditional trimming and tweezing. Once your natural brow has been assessed and brought up to speed (that LA – Hollywood brow) just a bit of simple finessing with color in the morning will frame a minimal makeup look into a natural beauty.

One minute Mascara application! Wipe your mascara wand with a Kleenex. Too much product loaded on the brush will ensure a lumpy, clumpy drive into the office and potentially impair your driving. It takes very little product to build your lashes…trust me. When the tube gets slightly dry, add a couple of drops of 99% alcohol to the tube. It will help re-liquefy it and kill some bacteria.

Lush up your lips! There is an array of stains & glosses out there like never before. No excuses for a naked mouth. If you have no idea what shade you may indulge in, here are some clues to your new beauty adventure – if your hair color is light, then lighter, softer lips shades are more favorable. If you have darker hair, then more vibrant, richer lips are in place for you. The cooler your hair color is…stay with cooler shades on your mouth. And the warmer your hair color, warm up your smile. If you are not sure on the color status of your do, ask your hairdresser what category you fall in.

Good luck beauties, I’ll be watching.

Originally published in B Magazine, October 2007

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How to Become A Professional Makeup Artist
By Suzann Kale

The creativity and freedom a makeup artist enjoys is alluring. The income can be enough to live on and more. But there are many pitfalls. Know what they are, and get that much closer to success.

Professional Makeup Artist Rob ClossBefore considering a career as a makeup artist, you must do field research. That's the primary way to avoid pitfalls. Is there room in your geographical area for another makeup artist? What is the competition like? Are you willing to travel for, say, a wedding? How far? Is your car dependable? If you don't want to travel, is your city big enough for you to get the client base you need?

Also get the scoop on pay in your area. It will vary, even in one town, depending on your clientele. Working for a wedding planner, you will make more than working for a mall photography shop. Find out what the highest and lowest income opportunities are.

Freelance or Corporate: Perks and Pitfalls

If your research gives you a green light, the next step is to decide between the freelance life and the employee life.

Working for a company, perhaps being a sales rep for your favorite cosmetics brand, or being the on-call makeup artist for a film production company, you can count on a regular paycheck and perhaps even benefits.

Joining the growing group of freelancers, you'll need to spend at least 50% of your work day on marketing yourself.


In either case - freelance or corporate - the next step is to become accredited.

Get the information on the legal, health, and educational certification required by your state, county, or town. Take classes from an accredited beauty school (many have generous scholarship programs).

How to Get Work

Now you're ready for the most critical part of becoming a professional makeup artist: marketing yourself.

If you want to work for a company, you can send resumes to spas, beauty salons, and specific cosmetic companies. Once you get a job, you are on your way to a career. You can make contacts, work your way up in the organization, acquire mentors, and get that most magical benefit of all - experience. If you get a job with a specific cosmetic company, they may require you to take additional classes focusing on their products. Usually they will pay for that.

A plum job with great pay would be one with a special effects makeup company that does film and television work. Getting that job will require additional training, lots of pavement pounding, and living in the right city. L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, and New York are important film industry hubs. Other cities, like Austin, Texas, attract film professionals, but these people often bring their own makeup artists with them.

Choosing the freelance route means that self-promotion becomes a way of life. But once you reach a point where you have a little bit of paying work, you'll find that word of mouth will exponentially increase your customer base.

Freelancing: Special Considerations

As a freelance makeup artist, you can approach wedding planners, photography studios, film production companies, ad agencies, and theatrical groups. Make sure, too, that all talent agencies in your area know about you.

You're creative - that's one reason you're going into the makeup profession. And you can use that creative mind to make a list of marketing ideas. Here are a few to get you going:

  • Print up business cards and always have them on you. Leave them with everyone you meet during the day.

  • Join a networking group. These groups are extremely effective. You'll meet perhaps once a month either for lunch or happy hour (some troopers have breakfast meetings!), and there will usually be an agenda, followed by a social time of mingling. Some networking groups are free, some charge a fee. If you're just starting your networking experience, definitely join the free groups. You will have to pay for your meal and drinks, though.

  • Walk tall and exude success. It always shows. Read books on your own. Study magazines. Try makeup techniques on your friends. Read makeup sites on the Internet. Try My Makeup Mirror and go from there. Get your confidence up as high as it will go!

  • Make a list of all your contacts. You have more than you realize. Friends, your accountant, your church or social groups, the shopkeepers you see regularly. Don't worry, you're not going to hassle these people. But you can send them a cute postcard announcing the opening of your new makeup business.

  • Which brings us to the next item. Print up some eye-catching postcards (you can do it on your computer), and send them out. Always have extras so you can send them to new people as you meet them.

  • Get yourself to any and all beauty-related events in your area. Whether it's a trade show, a trunk show, a store opening, or a book signing, be there with your business cards.

  • Put up a website. It's easy, even if you've never done it before. Today, a website is more important than a business card! See Website - Do It Yourself to get started.

  • Design and print up a resume-type introduction that you can give to the local spa directors and wedding planners. It must be unique - not bland like a business resume - and colorful. Use your imagination. Make it irresistible.

Today's Freelance Makeup Artist Needs:

The other requirement of being a freelancer is that you'll have to stock your own makeup kit. This is an investment, and if you make money, chances are you'll be able to deduct the costs of your cosmetics.

Many women are going "green" these days, so be sure your makeup kit is filled with earth-friendly, skin-friendly, and non-animal tested products. If you want to specialize and use only vegan products, you could use that as a compelling marketing tool. For extra information on animal-friendly cosmetics, read Internet articles like Makeup Without Cruelty.

Being "known" for a unique niche is also a great way to catch business. You could specialize in makeovers, anti-aging looks, head shots for actors (although many actors prefer to do their own makeup), or runway and catalog makeup for models.

Whether you apply to work for a company or go freelance, remember: there is no guarantee that you will immediately earn enough money to live on. Go into the process with enough money saved up to keep you in the black for at least six to twelve months. And decide ahead of time how long you're willing to go without clients. Market your services with an organized plan, and be persistent.

Going into the makeup artist business can be an awesome life change - financially and emotionally. Do it with care, do it with intelligence, do it with a plan - and you could be living your dream.

Suzann is a technical writer and copy editor, with many pieces published both for the web and in hard copy. A graduate of Northwestern University, she runs the website My Makeup Mirror.

Article Source:

Photo courtesy of The School of Professional Makeup.

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The School of Professional Makeup Partners with Wal-Mart, Proctor & Gamble for New Makeup Promotion

The School of Professional Makeup was recently invited to participate in an exciting new cosmetic promotion. In addition to raising thousands for charity, the event offered students a valuable opportunity to work with some big players in the cosmetic industry.

The Designer Guys, Rob Closs, and Pro Makeup School StudentsAfter choosing the right makeup school, one of the biggest challenges facing aspiring makeup artists is how to gain valuable industry experience. The old adage "practice makes perfect" is especially applicable to those in the makeup arts. A good makeup school will offer it's students fieldwork opportunities for exactly this reason, which is why The School of Professional Makeup leapt at the chance to work with some big players in the cosmetic industry.

Canadian fashion & style gurus Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman have been promoting products for a few years now. Recently,they've been hired on as spokespeople for Proctor & Gamble's "Everything for the Family, Something Just for You" program to share their knowledge and expertise of the fashion and beauty industries. The objective is to not only pitch Proctor & Gamble products,but to also raise money for various charities, which include the Canadian Cancer Society and the Children's Miracle Network.

Wal-Mart will play host to in-store events, giveaways and fundraisers. Both Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble are hoping to raise an estimated $460,000 for charity through this partnership, while also encouraging women to do something special for themselves at the same time. Shoppers will not only be introduced to the latest in health and beauty information, but also to a wide range of new P&G products.

The School of Professional Makeup was the only makeup school invited to participate in the most recent promotion, titled "5-Minute Oasis" with Olay™. "Coincidentally, the advertising agency promoting the event, plus Chris Hyndman from The Designer Guys both approached me at the same time." Says Robert Closs, Founder and Managing Director. "They both felt that it might be a great idea for the school to get involved."

With the theme being personal style, this was a live appearance with Steven & Chris on stage. A model was chosen from the audience, who then received a live makeover complete with Hollywood tips and tricks. Three students from The School of Professional Makeup were chosen to help out with the offstage makeovers. The offstage makeovers lasted on average about four hours, and included skin care analysis and recommendations, plus a mini makeover using Cover Girl™ products.

Shoppers were delighted to have the opportunity to take some time out for themselves. This not only translated into a wonderful opportunity for the aspiring makeup artists to gain some practical hands on experience, but it also represented the type of fieldwork opportunities The School of Professional Makeup looks for on behalf of their students.

"Our school is known as "the industry school", says Closs. "Our instructors are all working makeup artists, and this allows us to be connected to what's happening in the industry. We make sure we pass these opportunities onto our students, so they can gain invaluable industry experience."

"This was a great opportunity for students to actually do something in the field." Says Lisa Mandel, an instructor at the school. "They're excited to get the chance to actually see and apply what they've learned."

Recent graduate Natalie Sanchez appreciated the chance to get out there and network. Networking and self-promotion is vital to any aspiring makeup artist - industry veterans estimate that eighty percent of jobs come through networking and self-promotion.

"Through this gig I got the opportunity to meet many different people, it's one of the best opportunities for networking." Says Sanchez. "Working with Rob and The Designer Guys made me realize first hand that this industry is so fast paced and diverse, and you can take it as far as you like depending on your own ambition."

Previous fieldwork opportunities have included gigs for The Discovery Channel, The Miss Universe Canada Pageant, and the Miss Latina Canada swimsuit calendar, to name a few.

The School of Professional Makeup is one of the premier makeup schools in Canada, offering courses in special effects, prosthetics, bridal and fashion makeup to stage, television & film. Course information can be found on our makeup course calendar.

Article by Meade Internet Services.

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Airbrush Makeup Update

Professional Makeup Artist Rob Closs elaborates on the leading edge technique of Airbrush Makeup

Making your mind up about makeup can sometimes be overwhelming. Just nailing the right color of foundation is hard enough, never mind having to deal with the application side of it. So you put it off for a while and the next thing you know, ten years has rolled by. Then you're faced with your face again, and the dread of all the decision making revisits you. Thank God for the evolution of beauty!

Between manufacturers making better colors of foundations and the rise of qualified beauty experts residing at neighborhood makeup counters, chances are you will leave looking better then when you walked in. The same can be said for the growing available service of “ air brush beauty makeup.” Now women are having their foundation blown on - and the finish will blow you away! The buzz in the past has been air brush tanning or air brush nail art, but now, air brush beauty makeup has made it’s cross over from the television and film industry into salons, spas and in the trunks of the traveling makeup artist.

What is so remarkable about this classic technique is that the most refined droplets of foundation are directed and deposited on your face through an air delivery system. The resulting finish is flawless skin with natural looking coverage. When the air fuses with the foundation, it oxidizes it into a high opacity…you get maximum coverage with a breath of product, a girl’s best friend! The last thing the skin needs is to be weighed down with too much product, collecting in areas that exaggerate flaws instead up minimizing them. This is a strategy that any good makeup artist strives for in an application; perfect skin and undetectable foundation. However, it gets better!

The longevity of the water or silicone based airbrush foundation is good for ten to twelve hours. Brides can now dance on into the night knowing they haven’t budged or smudged. Dare to wear that short skirt that’s loitering in your closet? Have your legs airbrushed with a water base formulation. Not only will you take years off them, but with a shade adjustment, you can bronze them up to carry through that sultry summer tan.

I know what you are thinking. If this guy is telling the truth then I want to be able to do this at home. And I have. I was the all the rage at the neighborhood barbecue block party. All you need is an air gun, a compressor, and the right attitude.

Now air compressors have come down in price and weight. What use to be three thousand dollars and thirty five pounds has been refined and reconfigured to meet the beauty side of this procedure. “Dinair”, a U.S. based company has a mini compressor which weighs less then one pound. “ Studio pro portable compressors ” offers a nifty black model that has the option of battery power. Great for the girl on the go when the wires are down! And this unit weighs less than two pounds. Pricing for the compressor and gun will run you approximately five hundred dollars.

Before you go out and spend a whack of cash on a gizmo that just may end up hanging out with that short skirt in your closet, treat yourself to an airbrush application by a professional for your next special occasion. Remember, the end result is only going to be as good as the artist behind it. Do your homework. Take into consideration how long the technician has been airbrushing. More importantly, view some of their work. A portfolio or even some casual digitals shots is more then telling. If you want to look like the woman in the photographs then hang your hat and rest your heels. If the photos are uninspiring, walk away. Second, clarify whether you are having only your foundation airbrushed, followed by a traditional eye, cheek, and brow application or will these be delivered by airbrush as well. Pricing will vary on how much airbrushing is being done coupled with the city you are in and the history and credentials of the artist. Eighty to two hundred dollars is fair pricing (and dinner is not included).

If you are felling completely overwhelmed …stick to bottled foundation. It’s better then ever! Just get some pro-advice and direction on what color and formulation is your best suitor. Remember, seventy percent of makeup art is the foundation. Get the skin looking good and that will be the start of your beauty evolution.
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The Evolution of Beauty- Airbrush Makeup with Rob Closs

Whatever happened to Fay Wray? Professional Makeup Artist Rob Closs discusses the evolution of makeup, makeup artistry and the latest thing- Airbrushing.

What ever happened to Fay Wray? We've lost her in the tunnels of time, but the new starlet captured in these beastly arms is just as gorgeous as Wray ever was- and we've done it all with a little bit of air! Sounds light? You're right! Airbrushing! The flawless coverage and natural translucency that airbrush makeup offers is a huge step in the evolution of makeup art.

When the average person hears the word airbrush, we think of a car being painted, or the final stages of prints for magazines that are finessed into perfection. Today, these processes are accomplished digitally. The model's print (who already happens to be stunningly gorgeous) is color corrected, her teeth are made whiter, her pupils enhanced, her lashes made thicker, her skin tweaked to perfection, her legs thinned out and elongated. It's quite an artificial process and it leads me to the conclusion that I … or any farm animal in Bruce County, for that matter… could probably model for Vogue. However, what would you say if some of these adjustments could be made on your face instead of on your picture? I said prove it!

As I watched the tiny droplets leave the airbrush gun and dance in the air before landing on the subject's face I was intrigued. I was sold when I saw a pretty great result dry into flawlessness. "Lets just wait a minute and watch the paint dry to see the final result," the demo makeup artist whispered. (It reminded me of an episode on the original Star Trek with William Shatner hanging out with a colony of women taking "the beauty pill " and watching all the "Plain Janes" turning into sexy amazons with the blink of an eye).

Spending time with the system I discovered the secrets that airbrushing holds. The airbrush gun takes the tiniest, most fragile foundation molecule and oxidizes it into a high opacity. In other words, one can wear the sheerest of sheer foundations and have virtually perfect skin. When I took the airbrush foundation and tried to apply it by traditional methods (a sponge and my finger tips) it was too watery to work with. Yet the same foundation passed through the air system takes on a new characteristic and a strength that I have not seen in the twenty-six years I've been painting faces.

Our model, a mother of two in her mid-thirties is posing for a "beauty and the beast" concept photo shoot. Genny has had her foundation, contour, and eye shadow air brushed. This photograph has been slightly lightened but is untouched. Genny typically has darkness under her eyes, and an uneven skin tone.

  • Maximum coverage with minimal product
  • Delivers a natural and translucent look
  • Great for oily skin
  • Fantastic for overly active skin that tends to "eat" makeup
  • Lasts ten to twelve hours - excellent for bridal makeup, it's a bride's best friend
  • Does not require powder, which can be aging
  • Some foundation formulations are silicone based
  • Silicone is as smooth as silk

  • Set up fee for airbrush makeup artist/technician: $500 to $800. Requires a skilled technician/artist or a lot of home practice
  • Airbrush make-up session $80 to $200

  • Beauty airbrush is slowly making its way into the television and the film industry. With the transition of high definition television, it's definitely a makeup artist's and television personality's new best friend.

    To view a video clip of airbrush makeup, log on to and click on "fashion air brush".

    Rob Closs is the founder and managing Director of The School of Professional Makeup, one of the premier makeup schools in Canada. In addition to classes in airbrush makeup, the School of Professional Makeup also offers courses in special effects, prosthetics, bridal makeup and fashion makeup. More information can be found on the school's 2007 course calendar. Rob's personal profile and a video presentation of "Makeup with Rob" can be viewed here.

    The above article and images copyright and courtesy of Due North Magazine. You can read the original article here.

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    Now She's Rockin'- A Beauty Makeover with Rob Closs

    Professional Makeup Artist Rob Closs provides fashion advice and beauty tips to Dawn Skinner from 94.5 "The Bull"

    Dawn Skinner, from 94.5 The Bull a.k.a The Cougar... just got tame!

    My mission was to do a beauty makeover, and provide Dawn with some usable fashion advice and beauty tips. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect walking into the Cougar's den. The first words out of her mouth were "Are you the guy that's going to make me cougar-lishious?" She immediately set the tone for the rest of the day - fun, fun, fun, and more fun!

    My two years on the "So Chic" television show with Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados gave me the tools to break this wildcat. By doing makeovers for literally dozens of women, all shapes and sizes, with different expectations and dreams, I learned that knowing your client is crucial for a successful beauty makeover / transformation. Making sure the process is fun, smooth and empowering is just as important as the outcome. Using this formula, we walked into the lion's den and wooed her into a kitten with a new attitude.

    Fashion Advice:
    Let's Get Dressed! A woman's style is broken down into two components: what works for your body type and what you want to wear. Coloration, fabric, how it falls on you body and the design all play a very important role, but nothing is more important than feeling comfortable in your own style. If you have to be talked into an outfit - don't buy it! The reason behind this is because when you wear it out on that special occasion, it will feel more like Colombo's raincoat and that's when you will begin to curse yourself.

    fashion makeoverDawn tried on a collection of luxury. Her first fitting was a beautiful Anne Cline silk dress, which had a flowing hemline that followed her around like a ballet dancer. However, the empire waist, which can be extremely flattering on many body types, (i.e. short- waisted women) did not work on Dawn's slim, fit frame. This mother of four has done some serious Abdominal work in her day. The empire design offered a slightly lanky look on her body type, and ballooned her bust line, giving her a matronly look. The outfit we ended up with was initially outside of Dawn's comfort zone, but within minutes of having it on, she was sold.

    Beauty Tip:
    The cool red tone of this velvet bandolero jacket is beautiful for Dawn's skin tone and overall constitution. Dawn's natural hair color is brown/black. This puts her in a color category of cool-vivid. The jacket is in the same color category -- a harmonious match.

    Your natural hair color is a strong guideline for your makeup and wardrobe colors that are going to make you look hot! The flattering centre line of this outfit is snug on Dawn's mid-section, giving her an elegant, subtle cleavage, exposing her midriff occasionally, while still demanding respect. The hugging lace and satin skirt continues the tight curvy lines that make this ensemble so appealing.

    Although Dawn's first choice for footwear would have been the soft leather boots that felt "like butter" when she put them on, we went with slick, black stilettos, with some bling detailing in the centre.

    Beauty Tip: Hair Dare
    Unlike makeup, hair cannot be washed off. My advice is to work with your hair stylist in stages. Don't go off the beaten track too soon. Get to know each other and work as a team through your evolving looks. With Linda and Dawn's first meeting, we stuck to clean and classic. Linda tidied up the grey, threw in some subtle highlights, smoothed the split ends and gave Dawn a blow out ready for a photo shoot.

    Makeup Tip: Make Up Your Mind

    …then your face will follow: The overall facial design is feminine, flirty and classic. All three color areas -- eyes, cheeks, and lips -- have been coordinated with the same color: rosy, taupey browns. The common color theme on her face works well. A hint of unpredictable creativity adds some pizzazz because we didn't match Dawn's lips to her outfit.

    lip glossBeauty Tip:
    Lips can match an outfit, or be in opposition to it. For instance, the complementary coloration of yellow shirt and plum lips can be a real show-stopper. Or, a "blended" color may be worn. A blend is one lipstick that contains multiple warm and cool tones. Blends offer a broader spectrum for coloration and can be worn with a multitude of attires. When lining your eyes, a thin, vivid dense eye line is more effective and flattering than a thick, faint line.

    Dawn's Top Three:
    Custom blended silicone foundation: Silicone is the new oil! It's smoother, lighter and delivers a second skin coverage. It's set with little tono powder, leaving your skin looking flawlessly natural. $45.00

    Kiss me and my mascara! He will want to when he sees what this formulation does to your lashes. Unlike traditional mascara, it coats each individual eyelash forming an individual tube around it, adding incredible volume. This technology is water resistant without harsh chemicals, and requires no eye makeup remover. Just shimmy the lashes with a warm wash cloth and watch the tubes dislodge. Kiss-Me-Mascara: $29.95

    Get Gorgeous Gloss
    … is slightly vanilla scented. It has long-lasting power and feels great on. Dawn is wearing "J. - LOW" and "Spot Light" in the centre of her lip.

    Makeup Tip:
    Glosses that are overly sticky will last but are not comfortable to wear. Glosses that are too buttery, feel great on, but are gone by the first kiss! Look for a gloss that rests somewhere in the middle. These shades won't break the bank at $13.00

    Rob Closs is the founder and managing Director of The School of Professional Makeup in Toronto, Canada. He has provided Fashion Advice, Makeup Tips and Beauty Tips for almost 25 years. Rob has most recently appeared on Life Network's popular makeover show "So Chic" with Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman. Rob can be reached through his website,

    The above article and images copyright and courtesy of Due North Magazine. You can read the original article here.
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