Umar Hayat Palace

Built by Sh . Umar Hayat Vohra in early 19th century for his son Sh . gulzar Vohra enriched with wooden art work which is specialty of Chiniot .

Seth Umar Hayat of Chiniot took the noblest of all the arts (probably in 1923) by ordering  construction of Gulzar Manzil in his city ; a grand wooden palace of exquisite design named after his beloved son Gulzar Mehmood  .

Today this marvel of architecture stands in silent oblivion . Its glorious past wrapped in mystery and speculation , but what remains , still has enough power to spellbind the visitors in awe and wonder .

'Sheikh Umar Hayat , a rich merchant whose family originally migrated to Chiniot from India had an unbound appreciation for this grand architecture . Once visiting a village fair at Panda Haitian , Umar Hayat fell in love with a girl named Fatima and married her ' , narrates Mushtaq Ahmed , librarian of the palace , in his most fascinating style of an accomplished story teller . 'She bore him a son and a daughter [some historians / families in Chiniot say that Umar Hayat had no daughter .

Since the birth of a son (1923 ) brought much pride and happiness in his life , out of sheer affection Umar Hayat named him Gulzar , a rose garden . As Gulzar grew up , his father wished to attribute something grand to his son's name . He asked finest artisans of his time to go to India and watch great architecture , come back and construct a palace  preceding finest tradition of classic architecture' .

'I don't want it to be built in haste , ' said Umar Hayat , "I'll pay you in full even if you place one brick in a day , but it should captivate the eyes of the beholder . ' Such was the passion and zest of the construction of Gulzar Manzil . Another version of the story tells that Elahi Bakhsh  , the renowned artisan of  Chaniot  offended Umar Hayat . ' All the gold in the world can not match my art , 'said Elahi Bakhsh . Enraged by such lofty comment , Umar Hayat lavishly spent money on the construction of this grand architecture saying , 'I will buy all the art and all artisans of the world with my wealth .'

Whatever the cause of initiation may had been , the building indeed encapsulates finest display of wood , fresco , jali , glass plaster and brick work . Some source say that the supervision of the construction of Gulzar Manzil was assigned to Syed Hassan Shah who invited artisans [ and carried out work for ten years] .Elahi Bakhsh and Rahim Bakhsh of Pirja family [renowned for wood work]  did the wood carving , for which the palace is known . This splendor of craftsmanship took eight years for completion and Umar Hayat shifted there in 1935 with his family before it was fully constructed . And Mr. Hayat expired expired in same year just a couple of months before its completion . Four hundred thousand rupees (a huge amount in those days) were spent which comes to thirty million rupees in present day estimation .

Originally it was a five storey buliding with a basement , but neglect and ravages of time diminished it to three stories only .

The German philosopher and poet Goethe terms architecture as frozen music . The rhythm and flow of exotic craft and aesthetic delicacy of Gulzar Manzil sings symphonies of splendor and glory  . Artisans created ineffaceable designs everywhere  . Stucco work , frescos and finest carving and patterns made in wood in from in from of priceless jharokas , doors and window panes .

'Umar Hayat did not live long to cherish  the joy of his miraculous accomplishment, ' continued Mushataq Ahmed as we stepped onto the creaky wooden stairway .  ' He died in 1935  , the  year he moved to the palace and an ominous fate struck Umar Hayat's family since then . Mustaq led me to a tiny bathroom where the tragic sage of  Umar Hayat Palace actually began . In 1937 Gulzar  Mehmood decided to get married . Records in the Palace library relate that wedding ceremony was carried out with unprecedented pomp and show . Elderly people of the city talked about it till many years in nostalgia and sorrow . 'The ceremony was so grand that all the poor of Chiniot were invited along with the rich . ' Narrators reported there were announcements (dated  : 25 Feb 1938 ) in the city that whoever saw the smoke rising from the cooking near tens , could join as a guest at the wedding feast .

As the wedding fireworks subsided , the tragedy struck . The same night Gulzar Mehmood was found dead in his room next morning . Sources say that it happened because the gas from coals filled in the room and killed him . Suffocation was the cause of death , but mystery is not resolved till date . Young son's death was too much to bear for a widowed mother and she also died shortly . Both mother and son were buried in  the ground floor . Gulzar's widow left Chiniot and settled in Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) where she remarried and died only a couple of years ago .

Umar Hayat's relatives migrated from the magnificent palace considering it a mark of perpetual bad luck . Like a haunted house the Palace presented a pathetic picture of agonized splendor for many years  . Gypsies moved in and ruined remaining part of the deserted  residence . They began to tear down some of the finest plaques and frescos by subcontinent's legendry artisans and sold it for petty sums . The looters stole window panes , doors , cupboards ,  decorative items and even marble slabs from the ground floor and installed a donkey-pump in the courtyard .

One time Deputy Commissioner of  Jhang district Muhammad Athar Tahir , acted in time . To save this marvel of architecture from total disaster , he declared the building as a 'government   property' and with help from Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib , Assistant Commissioner Chiniot involved business community of the city to raise a fund for the renovation of this precious national asset . Backing up the vision of these two great benefactors of Chiniot , the people of the city generously contributed . On 14th August ,1990 the Municipal Committee Chiniot inaugurated the renovation project . The first phase of this monumental project was competed in December  1990 and involved reconstruction and renovation of the ground floor . Anestimated amount of Rupees ten hundred thousand were spent for this phase of work .

The second phase of restoration work began on devastated wood work , walls and ceiling of the upper floors . The Palaces  of was then officially renamed as Umar Hayat Library . With the passage of time initial fervor for  refurbishment began to weaken and the caretakers became more and more detached in wake of their other official engagements . In 1997 the municipality cut down expenses of Umar Hayat Palace . After a prolonged controversy for the ownership of Umar Hayat Labrary , the Auqaf  Deptt . took over its custody in 1998 and made a feeble attempt to restore and manage the dilapidated historical structure .

I watched Umar Hayat Palace from the high roof of an adjoining building .Even in its present state it defied all notions of corrosion and decadence . It stood tall , proud and magnificent among rapidly rising concrete structures around it . 'Houses are built to live in , not to look on  , '  wrote Francis Bacon , but Umar Hayat Palace  exists beyond the perception of modern wisdom . It was built to live in , but now just a spectacle to look on in its alluring existence .

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How to Protect your Youth & Beauty

Looking beautiful and young is dream of everyone , especially girls dream it . People have become  more conscious about their beauty and health ; as it came from ancient time when people had only home-based beauty ingredients like milk , honey turmeric etc . As you know , Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey , milk is recommended as Ayurvedic beauty .

Now a days , lots of herbal and cosmetic products are used by beauty conscious people . There are several natural factors to  preserve your youth and beauty ; the outcome can be rewarding in the long run .

There are 10 natural factors given below to look and stay young and beautiful :

1 . No Caffeine :
                          Caffeine is really bad for the skin . Caffeine prevents our bodies from absorbing the vitamins and nutrients we need . It also contributes to cellulite . Try dark chocolate instead to control your craving

2 . De-Stress :
                       Too much stress can cause  harm to your health and to the skin . It can cause acne , weight-gain and hair-loss . Whenever you are in stress-mode , take deep breaths to stay calm .

3 . Exercise :
                    Exercise is best  to protect our health and beauty as it can help to remove toxins from the body which leaves you with a healthier and brighter complexion . It can help clear up acne and reduce stress as well as it will make you stronger , healthier , more flexible  . Try face  exercise to prevent wrinkles .

4 . Eat your veggies :
                                 to keep your skin  healthy and vibrant you need to take vitamins and minerals . Eat more foods rich in Vitamin  A , B , and C .

5  . Keep your skin hydrated internally ;
                                                                 drink much water as it helps  flush out toxins from the body and plays an important role in maintaining healthy , youthful skin .

6 . Cucumbers :
                         as a natural astringent , cucumbers can  hide dark circles  and prevent puffiness . Place them on your eyes and cheeks .

7 .  Sunscreen :
                        It helps to protect your skin from very harmful  UVA/UVB rays .  Use sunscreen  an hour before you step outside .

8 . Home-made Facial Mask :
                                                Nourish your skin with home-made masks . By using all natural  ingredients , you can get glowing skin and save your pocket  .

9 . Exfoliate :
                     dull and tired skin can be fixed by exfoliation . Remove dead skin cells and show off you soft and smooth skin . Sugar scrubs are suitable for all skin-types  . Alpha  Hydroxy Acid is a knows anti-aging  property so look for scrubs  that contains  it . Honey is another fantastic ingredient to look for  . Avocados , Oatmeal , Milk , Egg whites , and Aloe Vera are great ingredients to look for facial scrubs too .  

10 . Keep your skin hydrated externally :
                                                                   By moisturizing your skin , it will feel well nourished  and balanced Know your skin -type before purchasing any moisturizer .

5 . Key Natural Skin Care Ingredients :

Here are many helpful tips for you to maintain a beautiful skin naturally with many  home-based and cosmetic products .

Honey :
            It is bees ' natural sweet stuff which is made to hold moisture . For a simple skin lotion , mix one teaspoon honey , one teaspoon vegetable oil , and 1/4  teaspoon  lemon juice , rub  on dry skin , and rinse off after ten minutes .

Sugar :
          There is glycol acid in sugar that gives skin a healthy glow . Make a sugar scrub by 1/2 cup sugar , two tablespoons of cream or whole milk , five drops of  orange oil and one cup of  olive oil . Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off .

Olive Oil  :  
                The vitamin E and antioxidants in olive oil make it another great moisturizing option : try soaking your nails in cup for a shiny , at-home manicure ; apply it to your hair , leave on half  an hour , and then shampoo for gleaming locks ; or rub it onto hands and feet for soft skin .

Eggs :
         The protein in eggs is especially good for your hair . Add one ounce olive oil , one tablespoon lemon juice , and 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar for an easy shampoo or combine one teaspoon of baby oil , one egg yolk , and one cup water for  a quick conditioner .

Fruits and Vegetables :
                                     As you already know vegetables  and fruits are key to good health and more than that they are important for great skin , too .

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fashion week

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Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes

PUFFY EYES: Puffy eyes is a condition in which the skin under the eyes becomes puffed or swallowed. 

CAUSE: Swelling of eyes occurs due to various factors like trapping of fluid in eye tissue, accumulation of fat in the skin beneath the eyes, stress, hormonal changes, allergy, high blood pressure, dermatitis or sinus, aging, less consumption of water, long term use of antibiotics or use of excessive salt.

Home Remedies for Puffy Eyes:

Now, i am not going to repeat some common ways like drinking 8-10 glasses of water, taking proper sleep and so on. I am actually going to explain what you can really do about your eyes puffiness.

Cold Water: Splash icy cold water on your face to reduce the puffiness in your eyes.

Spoon Method: Another effective way to get rid of puffiness in eyes is to use cold spoon.
Place spoon in fridge or freezer for sometime and once it's cold enough, take it and place it on your both eyes. This will sooth your eyes and reduce puffiness.

Sodium: Yes, this may sound weird but sodium does usually cause puffiness in your eyes. Especially when you take high amount of it or take it before going to sleep. So, what you should really avoid is to have huge amount of sodium in your diet.

Cucumber: Cucumber has always been very helpful in soothing eyes and improving their ability. Take two slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for sometime. This will give you relief from puffiness.

Potato: Use of potato slices on eyes is also very common. Take two slices of potatoes and place them on your eyes. This will help in reducing puffiness.

Eye Exercise: Doing some exercise with eyes is also very helpful in increasing the blood flow around your eye. And this will automatically reduce the puffiness.

  • Hold a pencil in front of the face. Concentrate on it and slowly move the pencil further and further away from the face, while still looking at it. Bring the pencil back slowly and repeat this move.
  • Look out of the window as far as you can see. This is a very good exercise for the eyes.

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loalde fashion

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Originality :  imagination : inspiration : ingenuity : inventiveness : resourcefulness : creativeness : vision

        Everyone has creative abilities  . Creativity is a skill that can't learn or teach . The longer the list of ideas , the higher the quality of final solution . Creativity can be refined by opportunities , encouragement , training and motivation . Innovation , wisdom  and creativity are interrelated . Creativity is a process to bring an output that is entirely new and different . In other words creativity is another name   of confidence ; confidence to represent a new idea or solution in front of others that is acceptable by all . Anyone can be creative : designers , managers , cooks developers , speakers , artist and entrepreneurs . People are surprised to understand from where thoughts and ideas came . It's the interest of a person that insists  him to show the creativity in work .
Only those can perform the creative work who properly understand  the sense of work . Intelligence  is also important factor to define the creativity but beyond intelligence , there must also be because  intelligence alone is not sufficient .
"Creativity  is  the process of bringing something new into  being.....creativity requires passion and commitment .  Out of the creative act is born symbols and myths . It brings to our awareness  what was previously hidden and points to new  life . The  experience is one of heightened consciousness-ecstasy ." Rollo May
Some associate the creativity  with divine intervention  .One to whom God has blessed the skill of creativeness , can change not only his/her fate but of those who are associated with them .
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Five Easy Fixes to Lift Your Mood | Healthmad

Remember the good ol’ days. Thinking back to specific times in your life could help ease depressive symptoms, says a new study in Clinical Psychological Science.

Don’t read us wrong: Beating depression isn’t that easy. Gather ten of your buddies together and, statistically, one of them is suffering from depression. And since the condition is linked to health problems galore in men—anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and coronary heart disease, to name a few—if you’re down in the dumps, you’d be wise to get checked. (In fact, the Beck Depression Inventory—a questionnaire aimed to ID depressive symptoms—is one of the 3 Health Tests You Should Never Miss.)
But the fear of being medicated is the number one worry people with depressive symptoms have, and it’s a big reason why they keep their issues to themselves, says a 2011 study in the Annals of Family Medicine. The good news: Beyond seeing your doc for medical treatment, small things that make you happy—like reminiscing on an awesome road-trip you took with the guys, or that killer concert you saw last year—can make a big difference in helping you feel better, too. Here are four more to try. (And for tons more ways to improve your life in every single way, sign up for our Best Life newsletter—delivered to your inbox every a.m.!)

Five Easy Fixes to Lift Your Mood | Healthmad

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Karen Gillan beauty

April 2010 broadcast. Gilan and her co-star, Matt Smith Arthur Darvill  who is adopting a alternation of regular), added series, alternating in 2011, which bureau that she is the ancient accessory of added because
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Karen the Guillain congenital and grew up in Scotland, Inverness. Her father, John Raymond, a day centermost manager, and mother, Mary, lived in Kinmylies. College of Charleston, she afore Inverness High Academy abounding school. When she was 16 years old, Karen absitively to accompany her acting career. She brash acting at Edinburgh's Telford College. Later, she acquired a BA (Hon
Here you can baddest your admired Karen Gilan wallpaper to your cs) of the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts in London amphitheater academy Proxy bulk programs.omputer desktop refresh, I will alter the blog Cullen of Gilan with added wallpaper Wallpaper as abounding as possible.

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Hypertension , also known  as high blood pressure , is quite common amongst men  than women . It is a disorder that most people  suffer from but are unaware .  People who suffer from hypertension are more vulnerable to stress . Their mind is too hyperactive and keep on working or thinking , with the result that they find very less time to relax . If their hypertension is not controlled  in the beginning they may find it hard to get over it . The sooner they start the better it is for them . There can be several causes for hypertension . The most common being stress and sometimes even  wrong  eating habits . Hypertension can sometimes be hereditary even  . It can be passed on  from one generation  to another . Lots of researches were conducted on hypertension to find out the real reason and the symptoms concerned with it .

A research have conducted a few years back in USA on the diet of the people . It was seen that who adopt a vegetarian diet are less prone to  hypertension than meat eaters , many  vegetables have a lot of  potassium calcium and magnesium in them . It was also been seen that a lot of herbs are also helpful in controlling hypertension one of the most famous herbs is Garlic . Garlic and Vitamin C help in reducing Blood Pressure . A lot of foods rich with Vitamin C would help and also the intake of capsules will help in controlling the systolic & diastolic Blood Pressure . If an access of Vitamin C is taken , diarrhea may develop in some individuals .
It may even delete some essential nutrients of the body . So in order to avoid all these , a proper doze of vitamin C should be taken . this depends upon the extent of hypertension a person is experiencing . Green tea also help in lowering high blood pressure . This is extremely safe . However if you have too much of green tea , then due to too much of caffeine you may face problems like insomnia , anxiety , restlessness & other symptoms even . Some individuals who are sensitive may experience heartburn and flatulence .
Blood pressure is actually the force that is exerted against the artery walls as blood is carried through the circulatory system . It is relation to the heart,s pumping activity and is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) . The top number is so called systolic pressure  is the pressure that occurs when the heart contracts or beats .

The bottom number or diastolic  pressure so called is the measurement of the pressure between the beat when the heart is resting . Remember systolic number is always placed over the diastolic number . To make it simpler lets quote an example 110/70 (read as 110 over 70 ) ; the systolic number is always higher  . Number blood pressure ranges from 120 / 80 or even 110 / 70 . Lower than this comes or falls in the low blood pressure .
Hypertension technically indicates high blood pressure  . A condition that is poorly understood extremely serious disorder , affecting approximately 1/3 of our society and of all age groups . If left untreated it can cause stress , heart attacks & kidney  disease & yet symptoms are not easy to spot . Middle-aged |&  elder people are more susceptible to  it . It can also be caused by extreme stress and anxiety . It is more common in men as compared to women . People who have a lot of salt intake in their diet are also prone to it . As salt rises the blood pressure .
People suffering from hypertension usually do not exhibit any symptoms; they often go undiagnosed until complications occur . In order to ovoid this a regular checking up of blood pressure  is required .

   Hypertension / High Blood Pressure indicates that the flow required for Blood is more than normal . In order know more about it let see what is normal blood pressure what is high blood pressure/hypertension . We all know that systolic B.P, under normal conditions  should be about 110/70 or 120/80 is ok . This shows that a person is safe this till now . While a blood pressure of 130/85 shows that a person has a little bit of high blood pressure. They should check-ups regularly . People with 140/90 ratio should have their regular checkups every two months . While people having a blood pressure ,  under the category of 160/100 should have a check up within a time span of one year . While people who have high blood pressure , systolic (that is the upper one ) 180 or above , should have their check-up done immediately or with in a week depending upon the clinical  situation .
There are several factors that put people at risk of hypertension . Gender , age heredity and race are factors that are difficult to control . As one's age increases one becomes more prone to hypertension . It has been noticed that women usually suffer from hypertension after their menopause . Hypertension risk factors can be controlled lots of things like exercise , diet control , less consumption of  salt in food , tables of blood pressure and also less consumption of alcohol and Smoking cigarettes etc .

Smoking is particularly bad for people who have blood pressure . Food allergy can also contribute to high blood pressure in some people . People with hypertension should be very careful in their diet supplements . Cutting down on salt and increasing foods rich in potassium such as nuts , pulses , dried apricots etc . It has been proved that high potassium intake can reduce blood pressure . Doctors and nutritionist say that calcium & magnesium , two minerals help in lowering blood pressure  . Apart from the diet and exercise and drugs that are quite common for hypertension , a person should try to adopt or do some relaxing exercises to control this hypertension of their . Hypertension can be controlled by simple exercises of yoga breathings , or deep breathings . Usually people suffering from hypertension do not think about this aspect or this from of relaxation . They are so preoccupied in the world of their own that they just make themselves dependent upon drugs . I have come across different people suffering from to whom I taught different breathings exercises and  relaxing exercises .

They started doing breathings regularly and today even sometimes if they forget to take their medicines they feel fit and happy . They found out that life is full of pleasurable and beautiful moments and that they have been wasting their life by having drugs and not realizing the importance of relaxation . Their sleeping pattern improved , their stamina for doing exercises also increased . Their life went through a process of change but a pleasurable change no doubt . 

Hypertension Articles, Articles About Hypertension, Hypertension Effect, Hypertension With Our Life, Blood Pressure, Hypertension Control, Hypertension Tools

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Latest Eid Mehndi Henna Tattoos 2012 Designs For Girls

Eid is an important Muslim Festival; it is comparable to Christmas and New Year in western countries. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for are usually worn by women to beautify themselves and to celebrate Eid. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for Eid are important for women. However, it is not only for Eid where women use mehndi designs or tattoos. Because Eid is important to Muslims, they want to look good during Eid. Today in this post  have collected very beautiful Eid Mehndi Tattoos designs for girls and women. You can take ideas for your next mehndi tattoo designs.

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