Cosmetic Tips - How To Hide Acne

Acne is not just painful but also makes up tips one look very dull. This is the reason why one’s self image takes a dive during the outbreak of acne. And if you have an important wedding or a party round the corner nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to look one’s best.

There was a make up tips time the women thought acne was a problem that teenagers had to come to terms with. It is no longer the case because now we all know anyone can suffer from an acne outbreak irrespective of age and sex. The statistics make up tips available now reveal that as much as 20% women suffer from acne on and off for their entire lives. And in some cases the first outbreak of acne occurred when the lady was in her 30s or 40s.

However, if the bad news is that acne can hit you at any stage of your life, the good news is that it can be hidden by proper make up.

The first make up tips is exfoliation. Proper exfoliation ensures that the effect of the make up is highlighted and also prevents further acne breakouts. So, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Now, put a warm mask on with alpha hydroxy in order to ensure that the exfoliation is proper and effective.

Use a moisturizer that inhibits oil so that you could wear the make up all day long without looking shiny in the face. It would not only keep unwanted shine away but would also give you the classy matte appearance. In case the redness caused by acne is too pronounced, an oil-free concealer would be of great help.

ow, choosing the right foundation could be difficult because there are several different kinds of them available in the market. All you have to do is avoid those that are too heavy or have too much of oil content because such kind may worsen your acne problem. Oil based foundations are the best ones for you. Select one that matches your skin.

Before applying make up make sure that you wash your hands properly to avoid infection make up tips. When the day ends do not forget to remove the make up and wash your face thoroughly. Moisten some cotton with astringent and run across your face so as to remove the remnants of make up. The residue of make up can clog the pores, cause irritation and may result in an acne outbreak.

If you take care of these few make up tips, your acne would not come in the way of your looking your best.

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Make up Tips - A Fabulous Face In 5 Minutes

One of the most common complaints I hear as a make-up artist is, "I just don't have the time to do my make-up, I'm on the go!" This is usually followed up with, "but I would love to".

The easiest make up tips way to look fabulous on the fly is to look for products that are easy to apply. Ditch the liquid foundation, too much blending. Find a pressed foundation compact that can be used wet or dry and applied with an included sponge applicator, you'll save yourself the effort and the additional step of powdering over it.

Creme blushes, bronzers, or click-and-go blushes that contain the powder right in the handle of the brush are a fast solution to waking up washed out. Look for shades that are warm and close to what your natural flush is so that again, you don't have to worry about perfect application. I like to think about it as impressionist art, it's a suggestion of make up tips without precise definition!

If you don't have time for eyeshadow, do a quick coat of mascara to help define your eyes and open them up. If you are worried about smudging, make up tips try a clear mascara which will enhance your natural lash colour as well as give definition.

Using a lipliner is as easy as writing with a pen! It applies quicker than lipstick, and has longer staying power. Nude, rose, and mauve shades are very natural and look gorgeous with a quick gloss over them.

No more running into work thinking, "I look terrible" - you'll look and feel refreshed and who knows, it may be the only 5 minutes you'll get to yourself all day!

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Nail Art

Nail art is the most versatile and latest fashion statement today. As many other art forms, nail art also requires wild imaginations and creativity. This wild imagination and creativity gives way to plethora of unique and enduring designs and patterns.

Since mankind, women have been decorating themselves with various different ornaments, dresses or painting their nails with henna or juices of barks of trees. With the passage of time and changing scenario of fashion more and more forms of nail decorations came into limelight and since then women are enjoying experimenting their nails. It's truly been said that beautiful and well-groomed nails reflect one's inner personality and mood. People have now become possessive and concern about their nail appearance.

Nail decoration has an age old history, traced back to 3000 B.C. This period witnesses the first nail polish that was originated in China. Various other ingredients like gum Arabic, gelatin and bees wax were used to create varnishes and lacquers for nail paints. Further with the advances in science and technology, many other forms of nail art with added quality, finish and beautiful colors came into existence.

The modern age has given way to various nail products to make nails rocking, beautiful and colorful. An array of nail paints with sleek, flashy and trendy shades and a variety of textures and embellishments are flooding the Indian markets today. The Indian fashion market with various artistic, creative and innovative nail accessories has carved a niche n the platform of cosmetology. The available nail accessories range from simple dots, geometric patterns, funky stickers, tattoos, abstracts, to stencil art, French manicure, portraits, swarovskis and endless other options.

Using multitude of designs and patterns, one can jazz up their outfit and add spice to their look. There are many recognized nail technicians who produce the most attractive and glamorous nail designs ranging from nail polish and acrylic nail art to French manicure and toe nail art. Many people also use assorted nail decorations to add glamour and extra appeal to the nails. These include colored acrylic, glitter nails, gels, airbrushed, 3d nails, water marbling, nail stickers, nail jewelry, crushed shells, stencils and rhinestones.

There are multitudes of nail accessories. The most popular among them are as follows:

• Nail Stripes: To apply these strips gently peel off and lay the stripe across the nail.

• Stars and Dots: These attractive and beautiful accessories are available in the form of nail stickers or nail polish.

• Nail Stickers: To apply one just needs to remove the sticker and place it securely on the nails.

• Water Marbling: This is one of the most demanding arts among today's women. Fill a cup with water and add desired colors of paint to the water, creating a marble design with a toothpick or pin. Then dip nails into the water and after a few minutes remove nails from water and clean off excess polish.

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7 Eye Makeup Tips For A Romantic Date

Romance is in the air. So what are you wearing for your date?

A sexy dress with a plunging neckline?
Jeans and a pretty top?
A feminine dress that his mom might approve?

How about your makeup? You could look more stunning than ever with the right makeup. Now what would be appropriate for the date?
What does he like?

If naturally pretty types appeal to him, goth makeup would turn him off. Natural looking makeup would be your best bet.
If he likes girls that are sweet and soft, dragon lady makeup might scare him off. Something soft and pretty would work.
If he prefers dangerous women, sultry lips or smokey eyes for that vamp look would probably work.

In any case, you could wear your regular makeup, or you could try something different.
The eye makeup is the toughest to do, so this article would focus on your eyes.
For a romantic date, go for the radiant, pretty look, rather than ice lady or goth, unless, he is a goth boy or someone who prefers ice to warmth.

1. Pick a main eye shadow color that flatter you.

If you have warm skin tones, go for corals, salmons, peaches and browns as the main eye shadow color. Coral eye shadow over the entire eyelid, balanced with a smokey charcoal or dark brown in the crease of the lid and a shimmery beige for highlights.

If you have cool skin tones, are your eyes blue or green? Do they have blue or green flecks? An eye shadow in that exact shade of blue or green as the main shadow color would bring out your gorgeous eye color. If your eyes are dark brown or black, a contrasting color like lilac might work better.

2. Use a pale shimmer for your highlighter

If your skin color is warm, go for a pale gold highlighter or a shimmery warm beige or very pale shimmery peach. If you are dark, go for an amber or a darker gold. If your skin color is cool, go for a silver, cool beige or a pale pink for your highligher.

3. Line your eyes with an eye pencil then go over the line with a eye shadow in a matching shade so it would last.

4. If you have dark circles under the eyes, hide them with concealer makeup. Before you put on makeup, you might want to lie down with a slice of cucumber over each closed eye to reduce the puffiness.

5. When you line your eyes, apply or remove eye makeup, never tug the delicate skin around the eyes. You may cause wrinkles to form earlier because of rough handling.

6. Have a cotton bud and eye makeup remover handy in case of mistakes. You can dip the cotton bud in eye makeup and use that to erase mascara smudges or makeup mishaps.

7. Finish off with mascara. Making it clump free is tricky. Read How to apply mascara for step by step instructions on applying mascara.

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9 Tips for Chapped Lips

One of the inevitable aspects of wintertime is the severe lack of moisture in the cold, harsh air, which unfortunately leads to dryness of the skin. Because the body is less able to absorb the limited moisture, many people experience peeling, chapped lips. More than just a simple annoyance, chapped lips can be quite sore and painful, prompting most people to rely on lip creams or balms to ease the irritation. As a massage therapist, you can help your clients (and yourself) by knowing ways to heal this frustrating wintertime problem.

People may experience dry, chapped lips for a variety of reasons, including dehydration, constant exposure to the elements, and even allergic reactions to food or medications. Some people may even have a vitamin deficiency that causes the lips to become chapped. Other times, our very own behavior may be the culprit. One of the worst habits that can cause chapping is constantly licking your lips. To combat chapped lips, many people are prepared by always having a tube of lip balm with them at all times. In addition to applying creams or balms, one of the most important things to remember is to stay hydrated.

There are a number of products on the market to choose from for lip care. Knowing which ingredients are most beneficial to the health of your lips can help make the decision a bit easier. Some ingredients can increase your lips’ ability to retain moisture, while others have healing properties that speeds the relief process. Being equipped with this information and having it readily available to share with clients can be an additional service welcomed by clients. And, if you’re really feeling ambitious, you can even try your hand at making your own balms to sell to clients in your practice.

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Makeup Tips - Foundation and Concealer

Beauty is one of our prime pursuits as we go about our daily lives. The society we live in places a lot of emphasis on our looks. How we look greatly determines how the society around us will consider us. We subconsciously draw conclusions about individuals within the first one minute, often before anything has been said. Within this one minute, you will have decided whether the person is nice, has money, his social status, whether you may like him; among numerous other things. We can therefore not afford to neglect our looks. An important tool to enhancing our beauty is makeup. Makeup will enhance our strengths and will also cover those embarrassing blemishes we don't want seen in public. However, incorrectly applied make up can lead to embarrassment. It is therefore wise to learn the correct way of applying makeup. The following beauty tips explain the process of applying the foundation and concealer.

Beauty tip number one
is that when you decide to apply makeup, you must first carry out a thorough analysis of your skin to determine whether you have oily skin, dry skin or normal skin. Examination of the skin will also determine the skin tone, eye color and other parameters relevant in the choice of cosmetics. A makeup artist at your cosmetic store should be able to assist you in assessing your skin so that you may select suitable products for your skin, from among the many cosmetics available. Armed with the right products, you will now be ready to advance to the next step, which is the actual application of makeup.
Beauty tip number two is that before you apply any makeup, you must first wash your face and your hands. This gets rid of dirt and bacteria which may have accumulated on the skin. You can then apply a thin layer of moisturizer and allow it to soak into the skin for a while. The moisturizer will help make your face smoother. Afterwards, rinse in warm water and pat the face dry with a towel. Make sure your towel is always clean. A dirty towel is likely to spread bacteria on your skin leading to skin problems like pimples, especially if you have an oily skin. If you wish, you may apply a primer; this improves the texture of the skin making the foundation last longer. They are available in most cosmetic shops.

The next stage is to apply the foundation. You must select a foundation which matches your skin color. When you blend the foundation, it should melt into the natural skin color without leaving any noticeable trace. Most foundations have orange or pink based colors. However, a yellow based foundation has been proved to be most appropriate for all skin colors. Test the foundation on the jaw line or on the fore head to ensure that it matches the skin. The foundation should then be applied on the face using a brush with light downward strokes. The finger tips or a sponge are equally efficient, especially when you want some concentrated attention on a particular spot.

The foundation should be applied to cover the whole face, from the hairline down into the neck. If the foundation is not blended into the skin of the neck, you may end up looking as if you are wearing a mask. Open the mouth when applying the foundation to expose the jaw line, so that you can properly blend the foundation and make it invisible.

The foundation can also be applied when wet. In this case, mix some foundation with water or moisturizer and apply using a brush. A sponge or puff may also be used with light downward strokes. The foundation will dry into a fine even powder. Apply the foundation around the eye area but do not apply any over the upper eyelids. Set the foundation with loose reflecting powder using a large powder brush immediately after the application.

You may probably wish to apply both a foundation and a concealer. A concealer is also known as a color corrector. It is similar to a foundation but it is much thicker and is used to cover pimples, dark circles around the eyes, spots and other prominent embarrassing blemishes on the face. The purpose of the concealer is to make the skin color more even. It serves a similar purpose as the foundation. The point to note is that a concealer has more color or pigmentation and is used to cover particular prominent areas or blemishes, while a foundation may be used to cover a wider area of skin.

Concealers come in different shades. Some have shades which match the color of the skin while others have sharply contrasting colors meant to camouflage particular blemishes. A light colored or white concealer may be used to cover dark spots, while dark colored concealer may be used on a lighter skin patch. Selecting the right concealer can be quite a dilemma. Which shade is the best to go for? For most women (and men), yellow based concealers, like yellow based foundations, are the most suitable. You must however decide what it is that you want to use the concealer for. Because of the sheer difficulty of ascertaining the right shade, you need to seek the assistance of the make up artist at the cosmetic shop. You must try out the concealer to ensure it is just right before you purchase it.

Concealers are packaged in different forms. They may be liquid, semi solid, pencil or felt tip. Which ever the choice you make, the concealer should be applied carefully in thin layers, which can then be built upon until the blemish is fully concealed. When using both a concealer and a foundation; which should come first? This question is quite tricky. When you apply the foundation first, you will realize you may not need much concealer. On the other hand, if you apply your concealer first, you may not need as much foundation. Also since some concealers contrast sharply with the skin color, they must be applied before the foundation. All in all, it is up to you to decide what works best for you.

When applying the concealer, apply small amounts on the blemish and then using the pad of your middle finger, tap it in or press it in using a rolling motion. Never rub it in. Make sure the concealer has blended in properly and is not obvious. After this, dust fine, loose powder using a fluffy brush to set it in.

A concealer and foundation are very important items on your dressing table. They play a very important role in enhancing beauty. They strengthen appeal and also disguise those blemishes which otherwise ruin the flawlessness of your complexion. Remember that beauty is mostly perceived with the eyes. The skin is the first part of your body that anyone looking at you sees. You must therefore ensure that you pay attention to it. The foundation and the concealer are the foundation to your beauty. Learn to use them.

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Best Concealer - 3 Tips for Properly Applying Makeup to Conceal Acne Damaged Skin

Makeup serves one purpose- to create an illusion. Makeup can create the illusion of having flawless skin, a smaller nose, larger eyes and smoother lips. But, when makeup is used haphazardly as a beauty utensil, it can magnify wrinkles, deepen the look of scars and make your pores look like moon craters. In three simple steps, you can use the true power of makeup to properly conceal acne damaged skin.

Step 1: Prep your skin with moisture

When working with makeup, your skin is your canvas. Before applying makeup, you want your canvas clean and moisturized. One trick to make applying makeup smoother is to use a combination rosewater and vitamin E oil moisture mist. To make it, fill a 2-ounce spray bottle with rosewater and then drop five to ten drops of vitamin E oil into a the bottle. Place the spray nozzle on the bottle, shake up the contents for 30 seconds so that the oils get evenly distributed, and then spray on the mist. You can get all of these items for less than $10 at your local drug store.

Step 2: Get the right liquid foundation

The makeup foundation is called "foundation" for one critical reason. If you get your foundation wrong, no matter what your do to your skin, your makeup will still look wrong. Here's what I mean. You need to match your foundation to not only your skin tone, but also your skin texture and your need for skin damage concealment.

For example, you have your sheer foundations, which are ideal for persons possessing virtually flawless skin. Then you have semi-matte foundations for persons who may just want to tone down a few age marks or freckles that dispersed over their face.

Then your have full-coverage, matte foundations. Opt for this type of foundation if you are guilty of "caking on" your make up to hide blemishes. Using a full coverage matte foundation lets you lay on one thin coat of makeup while still deeming down unwanted skin imperfections.

Step3 : Take the makeup off completely

Once you have enjoyed a full day of successful blemish hiding, it's now time to completely remove the makeup. The easy way to know your skin is thoroughly cleansed and the makeup is truly gone, is that you should actually feel your skin breathing again. You can remove makeup, without over stripping your skin, using a cotton square and witch hazel. Saturate the square with witch hazel and smooth it over your face. Once you are done, the cotton square should no longer collect makeup. This cleansing step will also help stave off further skin blemishes.

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How to Apply Eye Mascara

Applying Mascara is the final step in eye makeup. Mascara is applied on the eye lashes to beautify them. Different formulas and application of mascara can enhance your lashes in different ways. Mascara can often be very scary and hard to apply. Different colors of mascara such as brown, navy and green can make you look funky instantly. Before applying mascara, use an eyelash comb or damp toothbrush to comb your lashes. Always use a clean and fresh mascara wand on damp lashes. Scary because there is always a chance you could poke your eye, if you have a steady hand and you are trying not to get to close to the root of the lashes this should be no problem.

A mascara without added fibres is normally sufficient, if applied correctly to make eye lashes look long and lustrous. There are three different forms of mascara - water-based, water-proof and the mixed variety. It is important that mascara is used on an individual only to avoid transferring eye infections and if it causes even the slightest irritation in the eye, it must be immediately discarded. While removing the mascara from eyes always avoid the colour from going onto the delicate area below the bottom lashes and close your eyes.

Tips for applying eye mascara

1. Apply mascara after eye shadow and eyeliner.

2. If your mascara is new and the deposit on the corners is plentiful, tissue off the wand before applying to prevent smudging

3. Never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara because they can stick to the pad on curler.

4. Try not to blink your eyes for until it dries. To remove the excess mascara blot the lashes with a tissue.

5. Finally brush with a clean dry brush, to separate the lashes.

6. Always remove mascara before going to bed. This will keep lashes healthier.

Coloured Mascara

If you are bold enough, try putting on blue or brown mascara on your lashes after applying a coat of black mascara, for a stunning look.

Tip to Remove Mascara

Mascara must be removed very carefully to avoid damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. Roll a cotton bud dipped in cosmetic cleaner over the lashes, taking mascara down on the tissues. Repeat this until all mascara removes.

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Apply Eyeliner Like A Professional

Many people think they already know how to apply eyeliner, and by all rights, they do a good job. In actuality, there is a big difference between the way you might apply eyeliner and the way a professional make-up artist does. Use these easy-to-follow steps and you can apply eyeliner like a professional make-up artist:

1. Select your eyeliner

An eyeliner must be applied near the base of your eyelashes. As there are varying products in the market such as cake eyeliner, liquid liner and pencil eyeliner, it is important to try each type so that you will know which type will best accentuate your own natural beauty. Also, to whatever type you prefer, practice the application so you can achieve a very fine line. Remember that it is not a pretty sight when you apply eyeliner in a very thick line. It will look harsh, at the same time loud, making your eyes as well as giving it a tired and heavy impression. Always bear in mind that a thin line is recommended - should you have any trouble applying it, a brush is helpful to smooth out the line and to blend it well.

Liquid eye liner.

Liquid eyeliners are recommended to be used and should only be used above the top of the eye lashes, whereas an eye shadow or an eye lining pencil is suggested to be used under the eyes lower lashes. This kind comes usually in a bottle with an application brush, almost similar to an ink. This requires great precision during application, but can be perfected through constant practice. A note to remember is to always let the liquid dry before you open your eyes after application - if not, the liquid may smear the top of your eyes and give you a raccoon look.

Eye liner pencil

The easiest to use, works just like colored pencil. As the tip of this liner is dry, it has a tendency of pulling your eyelids fragile tissues; stretching the eyelids when lining it could help a lot in achieving a smooth application. A note to remember, you should always sharpen the pencil before every application to eliminate any bacteria that has accumulated at the tip.

Permanent eyeliner

This is can be created through cosmetic surgery. This procedure is known as micro pigmentation, a technique that adds a defined line to the lid which with a handheld device used to puncture the skin several times a minute with a very thin needle that pushes color pigments to the position that is desired.

2. Apply the eyeliner

- Begin at the inner corner of your eye. Always be certain to use a light hand when applying your eyeliner, as the area around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate.

- Put on your eyeliner only after you have already applied an eye shadow. Doing it before an eye shadow application would only cover the eyeliner.

- To achieve a dramatic and intense look, a kohl pencil with a color can be applied above as well as below the lashes, and then followed with black or very dark gray liquid eyeliner at the top. This will give the impression of dark eye lashes and will stay on for the whole day. A dark colored eye-liner will highlight the eyes form and outline as well as give them a deep look.

- While holding your head back facing the mirror, look down so that your eyelids will become tight making it easier in applying and controlling the liner. When necessary, smudge.

- The eyes will seem larger when you make a line with a pencil under your lower lashes - instead try a dark eye shadow applied with the help of a tiny makeup brush, to give an illusion of darker and fuller eye lashes. Below such line, you need to apply also a thin line with a lighter shade of eye shadow, preferably white, yellow or beige to brighten up your eye area.

- Pencil liners may be used on both above the top lashes as well as under the lower lashes. Liquid eye liners however, must only be applied on the top lid. Cake eyeliners are applied with water and may be put on to both the top and so too the bottom of the lid.

- If you have beautiful green eyes, try putting on a violet smoky pencil that will enhance your eyes, since basing from the color wheel, violet and green are opposite, so they will compliment each other.

- Refer to nature when you are in a process of deciding on a color. Green, beige and burnt orange are autumn colors.

- Others prefer using an eye liner not only for the eyes, but the lips as well. Should you decide on this, an eye lining pencil will be most suitable for the application. Make sure though, that you choose a certain shade of somewhat reddish brown or orangey-brown or a brownish plum, to compliment and flatter your lipstick.

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How to Get Thin Cheeks

In order to lose cheek fat and get thin cheeks you can do a number of things. You should know, that this may take a while to accomplish since losing facial fat isn't the easiest thing you can do, but by doing the right things, you can tone your cheeks and have a slimmer, more attractive face.

The first thing you can do in order to get thin cheeks is to simply diet. Dieting and working out leads to a reduction in overall body fat. You will also lose cheek fat in the process. This is particularly good to do if you're overweight. It's like killing 2 bird with one stone. Use your desire to get thin cheeks in order to lose weight completely. Of course, you will look better throughout your body and not just your face.

Another thing you can do to get thing cheeks is to start doing facial exercises. Just like you workout the other muscles of your body, so you should keep your facial muscles in shape. Many people believe that it's very difficult to lose fat from a specific body part. However, you can improve the condition of your cheeks not just by losing cheek fat, but by also toning the facial muscles. This will help your skin to look taut and youthful and to prevent sagging. This will make it appear as if you have thinner cheeks as the skin will appear firm and smooth.

Your diet is also important to get thin cheeks, or at least the appearance of them. Avoid all foods which are high in sodium as they cause water retention which makes your face appear bloated. Drinking at least 8 glasses each day will also help as it will prevent your body from retaining the little water you do drink.

So by combining these 3 steps:


Facial Exercises

Prevent water retention

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Lip Tips

Nice lips are every woman’s wish but as we get older some things grow and some things shrink, and never in the order we wish. Your lips are going to get smaller and thinner. Now stop! It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of things you can do to make your lips look fuller.

If you’ve got a really big pocket book you can have collagen injections but if you are like most of us and can’t quite afford to go that route don’t worry there are lots of makeup artist tricks that will have give you the illusion of larger pouty sexy lips.

Lipstick always looks best when your lips are nice and smooth. To keep your lips smooth exfoliate them and always wear some type of lip balm when not wearing lipstick.

Start by applying lip liner to define the shape of your lips and make them larger. By the way you can use it to make your lips look smaller too. Make sure your lip pencil is nice and sharp so as to create a very narrow line.

Outline your lips with the liner then fill in between with your lipstick. The liner will also stop your lipstick from bleeding through. Never draw fake lips, always stay within the natural lines of your lips.

Start at the v in your lips with short strokes then outline the rest of your lips then fill with your lip liner. Now apply your lipstick, blot, then reapply. If you want your lips to look fuller you need to apply a lighter shade in the center of your lips.

A matte lipstick will last longer than any other type of lipstick but it is drying. A gloss lipstick will make your lips look fuller. Sheer lipstick doesn’t last very long at all.

Neutral shades will match everything while a medium color will make your lips look bigger. The moisture the lipstick the more likely it is to bleed.

When buying lip balms makes sure they have SPF protection. Some lipsticks also have SPF protection. It’s a good idea to use it all the time if possible.

See with a few little make up artist tricks you’ll have beautiful lips all day long!

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Eyeshadow Application Tips

Eye Shadow's primary purpose is to enhance the eye's shape.
Apply eyeshadow to add simple definition or to make a strong impact, depending on your choice of colour. There are two basic ways to apply eye shadow in shape shading, "rounded" and "winged. Use a small, more pointed eyeshadow brush to run the slightly darker shade of the main color in a thin line along the socket line, working from the inside corner outward. Eye shadows come in in several textures, powders (compacts), pencils, and creams. Powder can be used either dry or wet and it's really easy to control. Pencils are fairly easy to use and Creams tend to be hard to control. A dark tone makes an area recede, while a light or bright shade will bring an area forward. This is why eyeshadow is often sold in containers with two color shades: a dark and light.

Three coordinating eye shadow shades that define, highlight and accentuate any eye color. Always apply a lighter shade under the brow bone to highlight the eyes and darker shades on the lid and the crease of the eye. Using a large, flat eyeshadow brush, apply a light shadow color over your entire eyelid from lash line to brow. Choose a fine brush for the eyeshadow application. the base colour to the entire lid from the inside to the outside corner and from the base of the lashes to the eyelid crease. Eyeshadow is applied to draw attention to the eye which accounts for many shades of purple, blue, green, yellow and orange color that comes in and out of fashion. Choose an eyeshadow color that matches your dress, eye color and face makeup.

Eyeshadow Application Tips

1. Before using eye-shadow, use a little powder on the eyelid as a base.

2. Eye-shadow is available in many shades. On black eyes, chocolate, green or mauve shades are preferred.

3. Eyeshadow is commonly found in powder form but it is also available in cream with a sponge-tip wand and in crayons.

4. Eyeshadow should be used for night make-up.

5. Eye shadows with cream-coloured, soft and silky texture are posed in two blows of brushes and are based on the eyelid naturally.

6. Apply the darkest shade to the outer corners of the eyes from lash line to the crease.

7. Use the light shade to cover the entire eyelid that is from the lash line to the brow.

8. Apply the medium shade on the lower lid.

9. Never share the eye makeup tools because by doing so you may unknowingly transfer eye infections to one another such as the conjunctivitis.

10. Cheer up now, as there is a way to make it stick for little longer.

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Eye Makeup Application

Eye makeup
application is one of the last few steps involved in the makeup application routine. It is a step that completes the makeup preparation, for often a little foundation and eye makeup is all you would need to pull of a glamorous and exciting look. It is the eye makeup routine of the entire makeup application process that really brings out the beauty of the makeup, also could make the difference between a natural look, an exotic look, or a demure but sexy look.

Eye makeup comprises of all the makeup and makeup accessories that you would use to decorate or highlight your eyes. These include eye shadows, eyeliners, mascaras and even fake eyelashes. In fact, a good eyeliner and/ or eye shadow is all you could really need for one of the most beautiful eye makeup routines ever - irregardless of if you are in a hurry or if you simply prefer the softer look.

The first step of the eye makeup routine is to cover the eyes with foundation in the color of your skin tone. This is the basic step of every makeup routine, so one would assume that if you are making up you eye then you would be applying makeup to your entire face as well. The foundation application is necessary for the illusion of perfectly flawless skin with an even complexion.

Once the foundation is on, you can proceed to apply the eye shadow over the brow of the eyes and the crease of the eyelids themselves. The most recent trends in eye shadow application have seen a shift from the traditional three-color applications on the brow, the crease and the lid (from the lightest to the darkest colors) towards a single layer application or even a two layer application.

Generally though, a lighter color on the brow bone gives the impression of a brighter face and has the tendency to open up the eyes a bit more. Darker colors are commonly used at the crease of the eyelids for a dramatic effect. Additionally, natural tones or mild applications are common for daytime applications but bolder tones and colors are the popular trends for nighttimes.

Once the eye shadow has been applied, carefully brush off any extra eye shadow that may have gotten on your eyelashes or cheeks with your translucent (or brown powder) powder brush for a smooth finish.

The application of the eye shadow can be a stand alone eye makeup, or you could touch up with some eyeliner of your choice on the edge of the eyelid - heavy lines make a dramatic and bold statement, while finer lines are more subtle and demure.

Another eye makeup routine that accents the eye shadow but is totally optional is the mascara application. Long eyelashes are a wonderful accent to the face, and highlight the eyes even more. If you do not have long eyelashes and you desire the dramatic impact that it adds to the eye makeup, you may choose to use fake eyelashes.

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3 Steps To Natural Summer Makeup

Summer demands fuss free makeup. A naturally pretty look that would not streak when you sweat. Something that is low maintainence and which looks great on the beach.

The trouble is, that carefree, nude makeup look is a lot harder to achieve than a painted face. How do you use makeup and look like you were born that way?

Start by taking care of your skin now. Your body is made up of what you eat and drink. Eat junk food and drink lots of sweet carbonated water and caffeine, and that's what your body has to work with. Your skin reflects the state of your health. If your body is full of junk, your skin is likely to be spotty, congested or at least, far from its best. You might get away with it while you are young, but sooner or later, your excesses would catch up with you.

Skip the cola. Drink lots of plain water, spring water or mineral water instead. Get a two liter bottle of mineral water, or fill a 2 liter bottle with drinking water and make it a point to finish that by the end of the day. If you can't tolerate plain water, squeeze a lemon and add that lemon juice to your water to flavor it. This would give your body a chance to clean out the junk.

Next, cut down on that junk food.Oily fries with an oily burger is going to load your body with more grease. If your skin is spotty, it might help if you cut down on the grease and sugar. By the way, bacteria loves sugar and you can thank bacteria for those infected spots on your face. Stop feeding the bacteria, keep your hands and hair off your face and let your skin recover. Great summer makeup is best achieved with good skin, so the sooner you start, the better for you.

Now for the actual makeup. If you take care of your skin, putting on that natural beach makeup would be very simple.

Step 1
- Perfect with concealer

Depending on the state of your skin, you may or may not need concealer. If your skin is great, just use a tinted moisturizer like Burt's Bees moisturizer to add color to your face. Pick a shade as close to your natural coloring as possible.

If you have zits, then use a brush and dab on a little concealer over it. If you have dark rings, hide them with a concealer as well. Use as little as possible to keep your look natural.

Step 2 - Paint with lipstick

Make your lips thoroughly kissable. Soft, rosy lips that glisten in the sun are perfect for summer... and all year round.

You'll need a touch of []lipstick to add color to your bare face. Go for a pretty color like coral, rose, or a soft pink. The trick is to look in the mirror and see the color inside your lip. Pick your lipstick in a color similar to that for the most natural, prettiest look.

Take a lip brush and paint on the lipstick. Start by drawing the outline of your lips with the lip brush, then fill then in. Blot the lipstick with a tissue paper, then apply again. This would help the color stay on longer. Slick on a lip gloss for shine over the entire lips, or at least over the center of your bottom lip to make your lips look fuller.

Step 3 - Highlight with mascara

Bring the focus to your eyes. Your eyes are your best asset. Especially when framed by lush eyelashes. Since it is summer, go for a waterproof mascara. Make sure you get a good eye makeup remover to remove it each night before you sleep.

Get ready a clean mascara wand to separate your lashes. You can wash and dry the wand of an old mascara, or you could buy an eyelash comb.

Apply mascara over your upper lashes. Then touch a little mascara on your lower lashes with the tip of your mascara wand. Separate the lashes with a clean mascara brush or wand and let the mascara dry. Once the mascara is completely dry, you may apply a second coat if you want more dramatic lashes. Separate the lashes after this second coat as well.

You can find all sorts of mascara at

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Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy has for all time been a good-looking wonder. However, at the present it's well thought-out sexy, as well.

But you're not prepared to illustrate off fairly that greatly, don't be concerned. Here are some beauty instructions which will help build you appear and feel excellent at the same time as you're pregnant.

• Demonstrate your legs. During summer, shorts and sundresses not at all looked so improved. While winter, a tiny skirt by means of tights and plane shoes are stylish.

• On behalf of an unusual evening not at home, a couple of stretch-waist dark velvet pants as well as a swingy top seem romantic, yet graceful.

• Search your man's cabinet for a top. Turn over up the sleeves plus add a part of jewelry for a womanly touch. Menswears are lengthy and lose, just right in favor of pregnancy.

• Insert several things to see to your hair. Finished hair color, similar to bleach, is not optional at the same time as you're pregnant, for the reason that your scalps soak up some of the element. However adding things to see is secure, as the hair color is applied one-half to one inch on or after your scalp, as a result chemicals cannot get a hold into your blood flow.

• Maintain your skin sinuous with clean cocoa butter. By means of a natural moisturizer on your tummy and breasts is safe and sound, and it will help avoid, or at slightest reduce, stretch symbols.

• Stop thinking about those old produced tent tops that craft you look still larger than you are. It's currently stylish to show off your baby stomach, and elastic tops and domain waists are suitable.

• Search out a pair of nice-looking ballerina flats. Within France, and around Hollywood, they're every single one the anger with pregnant and not-pregnant women similar. Spend in good quality pair that provides arch holds up and is prepared of a breathable fabric similar to leather or canvas. A couple of shoes which has a near to the ground, broad heel is also a superior choice.

• Trying a toneless outfit or clothes with straight down lines produces a figment of your imagination of length and is suitable for all body kinds.

• Get a stylish new shoulder bag. It will craft you appear fashionable, as well as you don't have to be concerned regarding outgrowing it soon after!

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Lemon Juice - 6 Beauty Tips from a Sour Puss

Mother Nature has been supplying us with many beneficial ingredients to help you stay beautiful for centuries. One ingredient that can be used for beauty and health is fresh squeezed lemon juice. Lemon juice has many uses in food preparation such as cakes, meat marinades, and of course as a delicious refreshing summer beverage. It also has a variety of uses for beauty as well. From head to toe, this juice provides many benefits. Here are 10 uses to keep you looking good:

Healthy Fingernails: Soak your fingernails in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Then brush your fingernails with a tooth brush or nail brush using a mixture of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 warm water and then rinse with warm water.

This treatment helps your fingernails stay strong and bright and you will be surprised at how shiny and amazing your fingernails look!

Get Rid of Blackheads:
Rub lemon juice over the area of your face that has blackheads right before you go to bed at night. Rinse your face with cool water when you wake up. Repeat this procedure every night until blackheads are gone.

Brighten your skin: I remember as a little girl, I liked to crawl around on my bare knees on the carpet and outside. My knees became rough and my grandmother would rub half of a fresh lemon on my knees to brighten and soften them up.

You can use fresh lemon juice on any area of your body, including your face to brighten up and soften your skin. Simply rub a fresh lemon on this area before you go to bed at night. You can also add 1/2 cup of fresh juice to your bath water and soak for 20 minutes for an all over treatment.

Hair Conditioner:
Dull, damaged hair will benefit from lemon juice by combining 3/4 cup Olive Oil, with 1/2 cup raw honey and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Set the mixture aside. After shampooing your hair, towel dry your hair and work the lemon juice mixture in your hair by combing it evenly throughout your hair. Then cover hair with a plastic cap for a 1/2 hour. Shampoo and rinse this conditioner out of your hair.

Add Blond Highlights to your Hair: The all natural alternative to hair dyes and bleach is to use 1/4 cup lemon juice and 3/4 cup water mixed together and applied to your hair. Sit in the sun for 25 minutes for lighter colored hair.

Breath Freshener: The citric acid content of lemons is a powerful killer of odor causing bacteria. You can quickly freshen bad breath by squirting a few drops of lemon juice into your mouth, swish it around for about 15 seconds and then swallow it.

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A Natural Makeup Look for Summer

Bright and bold colors are making an appearance everywhere with the onset of summer. Whatever the trends, summer always brings out the peppiest of colors in dresses. But many women make a mistake of wearing heavy makeup with bold colors which creates an imbalanced look which is too loud. Day time summer makeup should be kept to a natural look when wearing bright colors to strike the right balance.

Here are some tips on how you can create a natural makeup look:

1. Apply a little oil-free light foundation to your face to make it look even. Don't use foundation generously as it will show terribly in the harsh sun. And make sure to rub the foundation very well to avoid and makeup lines.

2. Next, powder your face with pressed powder to make your face look fresh. Again, do not use too much of anything. Only use a quantity that is necessary to cover your entire face and keep you looking fresh.

3. Give your face some color by using a light bronzer. Use a shade that is only slightly darker than your skin tone.

4. Add a touch of blusher to your cheeks for a glowing look. Avoid using too much of blusher during the day. Save it for the formal evening parties.

5. Keep lip makeup to a minimum. If you can do without lipstick, just use a clear lip-gloss and keep lips nude. If you must have lipstick, use a lighter, more natural shade to complete your fresh, natural makeup look.

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Makeup Tips For All Seasons

Just as we change our wardrobes with the changing seasons, so we should change our makeup routines. Our skin tone changes over the course of the year, and while makeup trends come and go, the classic idea of lighter and warmer in the summer and darker and cooler in the winter never goes out of style. In this article, we'll take a look at some basic makeup tips to carry you through all year round.

In the spring, our skin tones are typically still pale after little sun exposure during winter. Make sure you're using a foundation color that is appropriate for your skin tone with hints of warmer colors. Recently, trends conform with the classic spring style of rosy cheeks and pink or glossy lips, which can help give your face a healthy glow after the long, cold season. Experiment with lighter colors for eye shadow and don't forget eyeliner and mascara to bring out your eyes. In this season, try warmer mascara colors like brown to keep your tone warm.

Much like spring, summer is about projecting warm and healthy. Acne is a concern for those with oily skin and thanks to hot weather, the lighter the foundation the better. Try a simple foundation powder or mixing a little liquid foundation in your hand with your moisturizer before applying. Don't forget to use a foundation or moisturizer with sunscreen protection!

In the fall and winter, our skin tone begins to lighten while we typically use darker colors on our lips and eyes. Skin tone is typically darker in fall than in winter, so reevaluate your foundation color at the beginning of the winter season. Lips are typically darker reds with warmer tones like burgundy, while eyes are often dramatic, with a smoky look very popular in recent years.

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Top 4 Spring 2008 and Summer 2008 Beauty Trends

What do you wear with the latest looks on the Spring/Summer fashion collections?
What goes with the myriad of color, sheer fabrics, drama and prints of the season?

Every year, Spring and Summer brings a certain lightness after a long dreary winter. That lightness is displayed in Spring and Summer dresses with ruffles and flowy dresses. Pastels, brights, florals and whites herald these warmer, brighter months.

Take the cue from this season's shows. The models' makeup are exactly what goes best with the outfit, though the looks may be a little too dramatic for the regular woman. Tone down the runway portrayal and you've got the perfect image for the season.

Alexandra McQueen's models were strong on the brow, with medium brights on the lips for a look that portrays strength. Anna Sui's models portrayed the bad girl image with smoky eyes setting the stage for seduction. Vera Wang's models were naturally pretty, with nude makeup that always makes a come back every summer. Chanel's models were glamorous with bright red lipstick that would do a 1940's movie starlet proud.

Here's a rundown of the 4 main trends in beauty for Spring/Summer 2008.

1. Smoky Eyes - Seduction

Here, the focus is on the eyes. Heavily mascaraed eyes, with lots of liner and very dark, smokey eyeshadow brings all the attention to the eyes. That look is balanced with naturally rosy lips and pale cheeks to avoid looking tarty.

2. Strong Brows - Strength

In this case, brows are well-defined. Blondes would have dark blonde brows or brown brows while brunettes have black brows. Lips are a medium shade of red or pink or peach or bronze while cheeks are barely flushed.

3. Bright Red Lips - Glamorous

That's the look of the 40's movie starlet. Bright red lipstick, but toned down eyes and cheeks. The lips are painted scarlet, orange red or crimson while eyes aren't obviously lined. Mascara too is light and the eyeshadow is in a natural shade like peach or sand or beige. Blusher, if any, is applied with a very light hand, in a shade that goes with the lipstick.

4. Barely There Makeup - Natural

That's the classic nude makeup look popular every summer. Yes, you use liner, mascara, lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow but the choice of color makes the difference. Pick colors brownish pink shades for lips and cheeks, sand, or browns slightly darker than your natural skintone for your eyeshadow and brown mascara and liner for that naturally pretty look. Makeup professionals beauty tricks lists some of the stuff the pros love. Original article Top 4 Makeup Trends For Spring and Summer 2008

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Makeup Tip: Beautiful Eyes

Eyes have been called the windows of the soul because of how much they communicate. Eyes give your face energy and individuality. They do not have to be a certain size or shape to be considered pretty - all eyes have their own unique beauty. When makeup is applied to look natural it will bring out the eye’s true color and enhance the eye’s beauty. When you feel good about your makeup you will be more confident and will have one less thing to worry about.

A subtle application of eyeliner, shadows and mascara work together to create magic and make your eyes look their best.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is meant to highlight and define the eyes. Eye shadow is used to create depth to bring out the beauty of the eyes. A dark color used on the lid will make the eye appear smaller, while a lighter color will make it appear larger. That is what eye shadow is about creating illusions. These are the basic techniques for the following eye shapes:

Small eyes: Don’t use too much shadow or liner – it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and use a highlighter under the brow.

Large eyes: Wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color under the brow to highlight.

Deep-set eyes: Use light colors on the eyelid and under the brow. Use a medium color in the crease. Emphasize the outer corners with shadow.

Wide-set eyes: Use darker colors on the inner corners of the eye.

Hooded eyes: Apply light colors on the lid. Use darker colors from the center of the eyelid to the outer corners and blend.

Round eyes: Make round eyes longer by using color all around and extending toward the outer corners.

Asian eyes: Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.

1. Light colors cause the eyes to open, dark colors will cause the eyes to recede

2. If you have very light skin avoid dark shades

3. Be careful with shimmer – they will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles.

4. The eye area is the first to show age don’t tug on the skin.


Eyeliners are meant to define the eyes so they should do just that, not be the focal point of your makeup. Eyeliners come in various colors and forms liquid, pencil etc. Keep the eyeliner natural. Pencils are available in many colors (for the best look stick to black or brown) and can be sharpened for a fine line. For a smudged effect use a sponge tip shadow applicator or an eye shadow brush. When your pencils are too soft refrigerate them. When they are too hard soften them by holding them between your fingers.

To line the eye, start on the lower lid, just beneath the lashes. When you are finished always smudge the line with your sponge. Stay as close to the lash line as possible. On the upper lid, draw a line form the inner corner to the outer corner, thickening the line toward the outer corner. After the age of 40 keep the line in between the lashes.

Mascara and the creation of beautiful lashes:

Mascara frames your eyes and can make your face come alive. Mascara softly accentuates the eye while thickening and darkening the lashes; it is the finishing touch for eyes. There are several different types to choose from, thickening, and waterproof to smudge proof. Waterproof will need a special remover and smudge proof will wash off easily. It is not a good idea to wear waterproof mascara for extended periods of time since it has a tendency to dry the lashes.

Select a shade of mascara that complements your coloring. Dark shades on pale eyes with brown lashes will darken them and will look harsh. Stay away from blues and other colors since they will ruin your look.

Lashes that are hard to curl may need the help of an eyelash curler. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara – hold for ten to twenty seconds.

To apply mascara look straight into your mirror with your chin slightly lifted so you can see your lashes. Insert the wand only once and twist, don’t pump. Pumping can break the brush bristles and distribute the mascara unevenly and will dry out the mascara faster. Start by rolling the wand from root to tip in an upward motion. Reinsert the brush and apply again. If your eyelashes are thick and long they may clunk together. If this happens let them dry and then separate them with the corner of an eyebrow brush.

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