Adriana Lima Without Makeup | Adriana Lima No Makeup

Victoria’s Secret model, Brazilian-born Adriana Lima, is a mind-blowingly hateful freak who can give birth and then flounce around nearly naked on network television without a care in the world just a few weeks later. No one on earth likes her.
The heart-breakingly gorgeous, 31-year old model, wife, and mother of two recently placed eighth on Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Powerful Latino Celebrities list, by shaking her money-maker on the runway to the tune of $7 million in one year, between May 2011 and May 2012 (keep in mind that she was pregnant for a large part of that time).
That’s why it’s pleasant to those of us who have evil hearts, to see that Adriana Lima without makeup looks pretty, but not outrageously so.
At first glance, this photo of the model with a clean face, is not particularly earth-shattering. The longer you stare at her though, those crazy blue eyes begin to hypnotize you. They are subliminally reminding you: “Yes, my face is beautiful, but wait until you see my gigantic rack.” Her skin is a bit shiny without any makeup, but her complexion is gorgeous. Her eyes are striking and those big old lips are ridiculous.
The next photo was tweeted by Adriana herself on October 8th of 2012. It shows her after just completing a workout, which she must be doing non-stop these days to prepare for the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in two months. Her face looks lovely in this photo, but again, face shmace, she’s known for her bod. Her face is great but it’s not the star attraction.
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