How to Turn a Catholic School Girl Uniform Into a Costume

Turning a Catholic school girl uniform into a costume is a quick, efficient and affordable idea. Catholic schools all have different uniforms. Some are single-piece jumpers and others are white button-down shirt and plaid skirt combinations. The shirt/skirt combination is the most efficient one to use for a costume. Normally, the school girl costume is percieved as sexy; therefore, it is best for adults.


  1. Cut your skirt hem shorter based on your preference. Most Catholic schools limit uniform hems to below the knee. Hem the skirt with a sewing machine to keep it from fraying.
  2. Take the bottom front of the button down shirt and tie the two sides into a knot. How high you tie the knot depends on your preference. You can secure the knot with a safety pin to ensure that it stays intact. You also can modify the shirt by cutting the sleeves shorter or off.
  3. If the uniform comes with a neck tie, add it around your neck or tie it around your waist. Complete the sexy girl look by adding knee-high stockings with heels or knee-high boots. Other details include wearing nonprescription glasses and styling your hair in pigtails.
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