How to Hide Hyperpigmentation With Eye Makeup

Hyperpigmentation, which is a skin condition that causes an increase in melanin and the darkening of skin and nails, can be an emotionally devastating experience. The use of hypoallergenic makeup can be used to hide the discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation and restore your self-esteem in the process.

  • Use makeup that is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free when attempting to hide symptoms of hyperpigmentation. Some medications such as retinol and hydroquinone can increase skin irritations and rashes, and the use of regular cosmetics can aggravate your skin even further. Your dermatologist can recommend a number of makeup brands that will be both gentle on your skin and compatible with your skin therapy.
  • Start with a concealing type of makeup, such as a foundation or a cream, to hide your hyperpigmentation. The concealer should be thick enough to hide inflammation or skin irritation, yet smooth enough to blend in with your skin type and color. You may have to experiment with several different shades to find the one that matches your skin color and looks natural.
  • Hide the discoloration caused by hyperpigmentation with makeup that functions as a color corrector. For instance, a purple tint will offset a yellowish discoloration, while a green tint will neutralize red or brown patches. Work the color correcting makeup into the concealer to hide your hyperpigmentation effectively.
  • Try contouring makeup to camouflage swelling, discolorations or raised areas of hyperpigmentation. Darker shading will lessen the appearance of bumps or protrusions, while lighter shades will conceal pits or depressions.
  • Wash all makeup from your neck and face every night with a mild soap cleanser and water before you go to bed. Use a moisturizing cleanser on affected areas after the makeup is removed, since most hyperpigmentation treatments can dry out your skin and cause rashes and irritation.
  • Find online resources, such as the website for Debbi Stewart, to buy hypoallergenic and fragrance-free cosmetics to hide your hyperpigmentation. The Debbi Stewart site offers mineral-based makeup that is easy on your skin.

Tips & Warnings
  1. Makeup that is used to hide hyperpigmentation on your arms and legs can be left on for three to four days without any additional skin irritation or side effects.
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